A good end cannot sanctify evil means; nor must we ever do evil, that good may come of it... We are too ready to retaliate, rather than forgive... And yet we could hurt no man that we believe loves us. Let us try then what love will do: for if men did once see we love them, we should soon find they would not harm us. Force may subdue, but Love gains: and he that forgives first, wins the laurel.
William Penn

Be patterns, be examples in all countries, places, islands, nations wherever you come; that your carriage and life may preach among all sorts of people, and to them; then you will come to walk cheerfully over the world, answering that of God in everyone...
George Fox

Thursday, December 8, 2011

March to the Sea

We rested for four or five days with our hosts in San Juan de Aznalfarache, taking in some sightseeing and petitioning for peace in Seville. We then made our way down to Dos Hermanas where we spent our first night on a public bench. The next day we walked to Utrera where we had an enjoyable two days staying with our American and Hungarian hosts. I expressed my concern to Chris, the American, about running out of money soon; he thought running out of money would bring the pilgrimage to a new and interesting level.
After leaving Utrera we arrived in Las Cabezas de San Juan, once again prepared to sleep on benches in the plaza, but it wasn't long before a rough looking man named Francisco invited us to sleep in his house. Overcoming my fear I accepted, and we had a comfortable night of sleep in from the cold. Fransisco had a house, but no food, so we shared what we had with him. He'd had a hard life, and he said he always tried to take in anyone who was homeless because he'd once been homeless himself. Olivia and I both thought it interesting that the churchgoers lingering around a church not 30 meters from us had either ignored or not noticed us, while one of society's outcasts had taken us in.
Leaving Las Cabezas we hiked another 20 some kilometers, camping in the open near the highway. The next day we reached our present location, Sanlucar, at the mouth of the Guadalquivir River. As always, our hosts are more than generous, and they invited us to stay an extra day.
Tomorrow we hope to head down to El Puerto de Santa Maria.

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  1. Dear friends. My name is Anibal Serra, im from Castelo de Vide and I live in Portalegre and have already travelled to Egypt and the palestinian territories. One of my best friends is an egypcian policeman that works and lives in Cairo. If you need the contact please add me on facebook, I would like to help you guys. He is a very wise and friendly person and im sure he will be able to help you.

    Best regards!