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William Penn

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George Fox

Friday, April 6, 2012

Who Are Dani Dayan and Khaled Meshaal and Why Am I Walking Some 9000 Kilometers to Deliver Petitions to Them?

One of the reasons I am walking to the Middle East is to raise awareness of the conflict between Israel and Palestine, and to petition Jewish settlers on the one hand,  and Hamas, on the other,  for a peaceful resolution. I believe this conflict is the root of a greater conflict between the Western World and Islam, and an obstacle to world peace in general.
 One petition asks, as a first step for peace, for Israeli settlers to stop their expansion in Palestine, while the other asks for Hamas to change its strategy from violent to non-violent resistance. The growth of  Jewish settlements in Palestine can understandably be seen as a method of conquering the region for the expansion of Israel. Hamas' violent reactions, in turn, lead many in Israel and the Western world to conclude that total Israeli control of Palestine is the only way to provide security from this violence. This control is achieved through further settlement expansion and even more widespread violence from the IDF. In the end, neither settlement expansion nor violence will ever lead to peace in the region. The two petitions I am carrying with me also ask Jewish settler and Hamas leadership to recognize the existence of Palestine and Israel.
Who are Dani Dayan and Khaled Meshaal?
I have found two very good articles that explain who these petitions are addressed to. The first refers to Dani Dayan, head of Israel's settler lobby and Chairman of the Yesha Council (which assists Jewish settlements) and is from 'Moment Magazine' at:
 The second is from 'The National Post', referring to Khaled Meshaal, current head of Hamas, which is the democratically elected, but delegitimized (because many consider it to be a terrorist organization) political party in Palestine and Gaza:
What makes me think they are going to listen to me?
I don't think they are necessarily going to listen to me. I don't expect to be received by them. I don't know if I will even be able to get into Palestinian Territory to deliver the petition to Dani Dayan, and I am almost certain that I won't be able to get into Syria to deliver the other. However, I am resolved to try to deliver these petitions, and to speak to Dani Dayan and Khaled Meshaal.
I believe that when we become too worried about the results, we are likely not to try at all. Meanwhile, even if I fail in delivering the petitions or influencing Dani Dayan and Khaled Meshaal, it may be that there is some other positive result that comes from this walk and these petitions. In fact, I am convinced of it, whether I ever see it or not.


  1. "We are all responsible of all and for all men before all, and I more than others."
    If everyone lived by this maxim there would be peace. You are already doing that.

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